The Angel-The Divine Messenger

Dec 20, 2022 | Archetypes

An archetype is a pattern of behavior that has existed for all time and in all places. As we explore these patterns, we see a spectrum of light to dark, lessons to be learned and vibrations to be experienced. The Angel has been witnessed in all cultures and in all religious schools. They carry hope, light and messages from the Divine. They have an uncanny ability for showing up in particular times of need.

Angels are selfless and radiate joy.

They may bring a message, a specific instruction or guidance. They may simply provide reassurance, comfort, and support to alleviate suffering. They help to restore the balance between good and bad. They believe in the best of people and do not expect reciprocity for acts of kindness. They are heavenly servants and exude an energy of compassion.

Many are attracted to the healing arts or professions of rescue, but angels can be found in any kind of work, including working on behalf of the planet or even The animal kingdom. Some examples are Gabriel (in the Book Enoch and delivered God’s message to Mary in the Bible), Florence Nightingale (seen as the Founder of Nursing), and Clarence in It’s a Wonderful Life (a bell rings when an angel earns its wings). Even Fairy Godmothers or Glinda the Good Witch of the North in the Wizard of Oz are examples of the Angel archetype. They can be so in touch with the spiritual realm, that they can be frustrated with the everyday world, slow manifestation speeds or the man-made constructs of time, space, money, and bureaucracy.

Angels can fall up or down so in the shadow aspect, they control others or try to impress or even mislead others by pretending to be connected to a holy power.

They may lose faith and become depressed or overwhelmed with the darker side of humanity. They may think they can save everyone every time. They may come to be ego driven versus soul driven. They may also expect to be compensated for help or kindnesses offered.

As a Heavenly Servant, the Angel believes in the good of all and wakes us up to the full potential that life can be. They whisper “Be not afraid”. They pave the way for hearts to open and awaken. They allow miracles to be experienced personally, shining light, love and wonderment.