Big Audacious Global Exhibition

Aug 23, 2022 | Art

For several years in the past, I had this vision of a solo exhibition.  I thought it would be an interesting assortment of the beautiful doors, windows, and gates in my hometown, St. Augustine, FL – the nation’s oldest city.  In fact, I already had the title in my mind – “Openings”.

I medicreated (a process of meditation visualization coined by Tamara Dorris) on this for a number of years.  I had pictured every detail and even had a “by when” date, what I would wear and the classical Spanish guitar music playing in the corner at the reception.

But somewhere along the way, the vision changed and it became no longer about me but about you and the rest of the world.  A quote from Elizabeth Gilbert’s Big Magic speaks to me:

“Do whatever brings you to life, then.  Follow your own fascinations,
obsessions, and compulsions.  Trust them.  Create whatever causes a
revolution in your heart.”

A revolution in your heart…… what is that for you?  Well, for me, it started with images in my head of archetypes.  Big ones!   Thinking of the huge tapestries lining the halls and walls of castles and palaces, and their ever-lasting effect on those who viewed them over hundreds of years, I reflected on the impact that LARGE brings to the viewer.

I think of Hollis Chatelain’s beautiful, powerful and extremely moving pieces – all of them larger scale.  Something about life-size draws us in to become part of the scene – from across the room or directly in front.

So with the fascination of archetypes in my heart, I landed on the idea of tapestry-size renditions.  The archetypes themselves are already captivating and magnetic.  Archetypes are within us and we are within them.  I can only imagine the impact of a viewer standing in front of the life-size Mother, the Liberator, the Goddess, the Healer, the Judge (and the list goes on) and recognize a piece of themselves…. In that moment, the thousands of years of the wisdom, the light and the shadow, enters the viewer’s psyche and soul. One could not possibly leave that gallery without having been touched by the electrical current of transformation.  And with that thought, it created a revolution in my heart.

Now, my vision has expanded to a world-wide traveling exhibition of large-scale works of art portraying Archetypes created from many artists across the globe.  I have no idea how to accomplish this.  I don’t have a road map how to do this. I have to trust in the resourcefulness of my own personal cast of Archetypes – the Guide, the Alchemist, the Pioneer, the Seeker, the Artist.  I put my trust and faith in the revolution that stirs in my heart.

This is where I wish I had the Networker.  I realize a revolution cannot be a solo event, it requires the participation of like-minded others, also committed to the cause.  Which brings me to the plea – if you or any one you know finds this idea even somewhat interesting, send me support –energetically, prayerfully, social medially, personally, etc.  It takes a village to create a global exhibition, but the revolution begins in the heart.

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